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Hello doll collector fans of Princess Diana – and now Prince William and Kate Middleton / Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, Prince George, Princess Charlotte. . . . . and Prince Harry!

By Catherine Ford-Barbiero

This is to introduce you to a new section of “Diana’s Legacy” website. This is an offshoot of my Facebook (fb) group page “Princess Diana and Princess Kate Doll Collectors” that I started quite a while ago. Danielle Mcgee Deininger (Dani) is the originator of this website. I originally asked to be just one of the ‘contributors’ to her website after she posted a comment I published on my fb group page mentioned above, concerning Princess Diana and Kate negative comparisons. The interaction between Dani and myself evolved very quickly into this page on her website. We are both very excited to share all that we can about the dolls – old and new – with all of you….. and ask you to share your passion, pictures, etc., with us. There will be an area on the site where you can upload pictures of your own dolls and share them with all of us too…..

Our goal will be to educate, to expand your knowledge base (along with ours), to share our passion of keeping Princess Diana’s memory alive through the dolls we collect, the dresses we make / purchase for the dolls, the information we find and share with other collectors. We will share information about the different dolls created by the various manufacturers of dolls – Princess Diana, Duchess Catherine, and Duke Williams’ images (and Harry some day). We will share the variations on the dolls and even introduce you to some of the relatives (Diana’s) that some doll makers created.

We plan to introduce you to several seamstresses who specialize in creating reproduction clothing that Diana and Kate wore/wear and share their passions for the women and the clothes they create for the dolls and what got them interested in doing so. We will share their websites and “how to order” outfits from them. They are all talented ladies – you will enjoy getting to know each of them.

The first pictures Dani has posted on the website page are the various advertisements for the dolls from the numerous manufacturers.

I hope you enjoy what we offer here and we encourage your input and share your pics with us.

Thank you!

2 Responses to Welcome to The Royal Doll Report

  • Linnie Love says:

    I am thrilled to be able to finally share my love for a Lady, a Princess, a mother, & a wife, who went through so much, simply to show those around her she wanted to love them. I know there was more to it than that, but, in the end, that was what was at the beginning & end of what [I feel] she wanted to show. The rest came from, loss, confusion, & abandonment by those she thought she would be able to rely on. There are so many things to love about Diana, Princess of Wales. I hope we can share them as I discover this unknown world of miniature Diana, and her amazing wardrobe. I have collected books, photo’s, magazine & newspaper’s, but never realised she came in miniature. I have been unable to collect the lovely china & larger or more fragile forms as I have not until now had a stable dwelling. I lost most of my first book collection due to a flood, then found it next to impossible to collect for a long while, & even now, can end up in tears, if I am not careful. But it is getting easier, I have found joy again with these miniatures, to hold her, and fuss. So if you are willing for me to join the ranks, here I am, and thank you. I knew there were people out there, and now I hope I have found you

  • fordbarbiero says:

    Welcome Linnie – I am glad that you found us. If you are on facebook join our group pages – “Diana’s Legacy” and “:Princess Diana & Princess Kate Doll Collectors”. There are many other people on facebook with groups related to Diana, Prince Wm & his wife Kate, and Prince Harry. There are also eBay sellers who sell the dolls (Franklin Mint, Danbury Mint, and other makers of thedoll……) and as you can see here – several seamstresses who recreate Diana and now Kate doll clothes….. In 2010 or so, Franklin Mint decided to stop making the dolls….. any of the dolls that they used to make porcelain or vinyl. So far no plans to continue the line…… I wish Tonner Doll Company would take it on – they do marvelous dolls and clothes…. some day maybe! Anyway – stay connected and keep checking out this page and things posted on the Diana’s Legacy website and William Loves Catherine page located here also…. there are links to several of the seamstresses located to the right of these postings. Thanks for being here……and for finding us!

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