7 Sexy Short Curly Hairstyles for Men in 2022

7 Fun Sexy Short Curly Hairstyles for Men That’s Buzzing in 2022!

If you’re looking for the perfect, sexy, hairstyles for your curls that can be worn both during office hours and later at night- we might have just what your hair needs.

There are 7 perfect short hairstyles in this blog post for you with tips on how to care for each of them.

I mean, really.. with the right haircut and styling products, there should no longer be a reason why your curly locks would be a problem!

Short Curly Hairstyles with Undercut Fade and Textured Curls

Short Curly Hairstyles with Undercut Fade and Textured Curls

The hairstyle is a great option for men with curly or wavy hair. It creates volume and texture while still allowing your natural curls to look straightened out.

This is a perfect example for short curly hairstyle that will stand the test of time!

It has the added benefit of being very low maintenance, since there isn’t any product needed! All you need to do is blow dry the top section of your hair back and slightly over to the side so that it can create this style.

You don’t want it flat against your head though; keep some lift in there by moving around sections as you go along until everything looks evened out and styled perfectly!

The part line here accentuates his cheekbones nicely, making him look all grown up without trying too hard.

Keep things simple when styling shorter haircuts, and you’ll get one of the most perfect short curly hairstyles you’ve ben dreaming of!

How to Get the Perfect Quiff Styles for You

How to Get the Perfect Quiff Styles for You

It’s not every day that you see a quiff hairstyle on the heads of celebrities and socialites. However, this trend is quickly becoming one to watch because it looks good with any length or curl in your hair!

For best results wear either very short sides + back pieces (or all-around), as well as an undercut fade hairstyle–it’ll be perfect for those warm summer months ahead when we can’t stop taking off our hats due to heat waves.

The quiff is the go-to hairstyle for short, curly hair. It’s a combed up and back from front of head style that looks especially good with very short styles like undercut fades or razor cuts on sides.

To get started try out this modern take: ask your barber to either buzz it all off low in center area (think chin) or give you an ultrashort haircut just below where skin meets neckline – these will help frame face well while giving some height at top without being too overwhelming before ending abruptly about halfway down again so as not disrupt facial features

The Sexy Undercut Fade for The Bold Statement of Your Look

Get your hair to look like it was just a tiny bit styled by adding a side part and undercut fade. This combo will create an edgy, sharp style without sacrificing the texture of curls you love! It would be the best way to get your curly hair ultimate definition, by complementing it with a side part and an undercut fade.

The Sexy Undercut Fade for The Bold Statement of Your Look

This combo will create either sharp or gentle rounded edges, depending on what kind of lifestyle you have! The height at which the hairline begins can be high/low – whether that means blades above or below- runway fades are available in both styles so there’s something for everyone out there looking forward too changing their look

These sexy under cut hairstyle can be high- or low fader; whichever one best suits what kind lifestyle that is in store for them when they get there at their salon appointment today.

Brushed Back Thick Hairstyles

Brushed Back Thick HairstylesBrushed back thick hair is the one short curly hairstyles you’ll wanna get if your tresses are extremely curly and also very thick. Don’t cut a lot off, instead pull it together by brushing all of it back into an elegant style that allows for any level of difficulty in terms or design!

If you’re looking to make a statement, then Brushed Back Thick Hair is just what your hair needs. The best part about this style? You can create any level of difficulty and do not have be limited by imagination!

You’ll need some extra-thick tresses in order for it work; however once achieved tweak away with ease because its parted/parted down middle length will give volume at either side which makes thinning out easy as pie (I promise).

‘Messy’ Haircuts for That Edgy Look You’re Lookin for!

'Messy' Haircuts for That Edgy Look You're Lookin for


Messy hairstyles are always a great way to wear curly hair for men, especially short wavy locks. Ask your barber for an undercut and texture on the sides as well with all of it left in place atop one’s head!

Use some good products that will give you beach waves by curling this mane up like crazy or leaving its natural curl intact – whichever suits him best. Tousle away while making sure not too much product gets onto his clothes because we don’t want any wrinkles now do we?

A messy hairdo can work wonders when you’re looking for something different than what’s offered by typical grooming salons like this one has been known too: ask about getting an “undercut” (or ‘ undercut), which means that part looks slightly lower than usual – think ruffly edges around bangs

The Perfect Sea Salt Spray if You’re Planning to Rock That Beach Wave Look!

Beach waves are another fabulous style for men with short curly hairstyles. If you are wondering how to get beach waves done – it’s very simple. All you need to do is spray your hair generously with sea salt spray, style it as you wish and let it air dry.

Try not to over style it though.

The Perfect Sea Salt Spray if You're Planning to Rock That Beach Wave Look

Generally, getting the perfect sea salt spray and running your fingers through your hair will give you that beachy wave hairstyle which will make all the ladies stop and stare when you walk by.

If you want to look like a surfer, then get your hair styled with beach waves. I mean, all it takes is some sea salt spray and letting natural air dry will give any man that fresh-from-the ocean feel! Can’t be that hard?

The Disconnected Undercut HairstyleThe Disconnected Undercut

This disconnected undercut hairstyle will be perfect for those with short natural curly hair. The top section is cut straight while longer pieces trail down, giving it that trendy look you’ve been looking to achieve!

This hairstyle will offset the full curly length on top while giving you very hip and modern appearance that is perfect for short natural or processed hair types!

The new short hairstyles for those sexy curls are here to stay and it’s an absolute must-have for any man who wants his inner rocker (or not?) side shown off.

These styles feature graduated fade with sharp edges defining the top layer that all frame your face beautifully, while still leaving some length on top so you can keep up appearances in professional environments as well!

For those of you looking for something more than just average but not too extreme either – try one of these layered curly cuts—the wavy layers add natural volume without being overbearing or complicated; they make this hairdo perfect when paired seamlessly together.