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Last night was the premiere of the Lifetime movie The House of Versace. The film is based on the life of Donatella Versace and her family after the death of Gianni Versace in 1997. I expected to see Diana make some sort of appearance but she was every where in this film it really makes you think about how much influnce she had on the brand at the time.Who knew at the time of her divorce that the Versace's  was really trying to help Diana break free of the royal restraints in her wardrobe. In this film she was mentioned at least seven times and shown on screen via real footage through out the film. . Many  would wonder why she was such a major influnce in this movie one reason is because she helped put VERSACE on the map,  she also was a friend of the family.The way Diana was put in this film was very tastful and there wasn't any cheesy actress portraying her.

::Photos from the Film::

Diana arriving for Gianni's FuneralDiana Sitting with Elton

Aunt Lucia  tells the family about Diana's Accident

Aunt Lucia tells the family about Diana's Accident

The Versace Family watches the news report on Diana 's accident

The Versace Family watches the news report on Diana 's accident

Diana appears in a news report about the rumors surrounding her death.

Diana appears in a news report about the rumors surrounding her death. Donatella gets upset because of the lies and accuses the press of killing her.

Donatello Sees Dianain the blue dress and remembers how Diana  said she loved the gown and how she just danced and danced in it.

Donatella sees Diana in the blue dress and remembers how Diana said she loved the gown and how she just danced and danced wearing it.

::A look at Diana's Versace Wardrobe::


These gowns are also made for Diana by Versace

there were made for foreign tours and private functions

they are currently on display in the Diana a Celebration exhibit



::Diana at Her Friend Gianni's Funeral::

This is the last time Diana ever wore  Versace a few months later we would lose Diana.

It was at Gianni's funeral that Diana and Elton John made up after a silly rift between them over the book

Rock and Royalty.

Diana was asked by Elton to write the Foreword to Gianni's book and when she found

out that it had featured nude photos  she refused to be a part of it.

This led to Diana and Elton not speaking for awhile.

Thank god they were able to make up before the tragic ending to Diana's life.

The last time Diana would wear VERSACE

The last time Diana would wear VERSACE


Diinchrch funerla3 Diandeltonversacefuneral inchrch2


Naomi Watts paid tribute to Diana by wearing Versace  to the Premier of her  movie DIANA


GiannI : The Legendary Designer

Gianni : The Legendary Designer

Diana's Circle will be a feature in which we will take a look at Diana's friends and acquaintances
This weeks is Neil Diamond Diana was a Fan of his music and he was lucky enough to dance with her at the white house and perform for her in 1984 when she was pregnant with Prince Harry.

Neil Diamond:"‘I danced with her for eight bars of September Morn and then later in the evening she came up to me and said: “Is it proper for a lady to ask a gentleman to dance?” and I went: “Absolutely!”
'I have no recollection of what we danced to though, because all I could think was that I was dancing with the most beautiful princess in the world.’


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