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Here is our first look at one of the new Queen Elizabeth figurines. I dont know her  name as of yet but I am sure that will come soon I love the new tiara and the white jacket .NewQueenfigurine


my journey from Finchley to Fort Wayne (oops maybe not) then onto to Illinois.

I was discovered in a box in an auction house in Finchley by lady called Diana Fox. I was lying next to three elegant Edwardian lady figurines all made by Coalport, all in perfect condition, all ready for sale. I of course was the star item, in my iconic wedding dress, with my beautiful bouquet and perfect peach complexion. Diana Fox was particularly excited to see me as she knew her friend, Jacalyn flax, would be only too happy to bid for me, as she had spent the last 16 years, dragging her up to KensingtonPalace in memory of my passing. she had held the camera, and filmed Jacalyn as she regularly posted, the annual tribute to me on 31 August on YouTube.


They discussed intently, how much they were prepared to spend, then once decided Diana went off to bid and Jacalyn waited for a phone call. Several hours later a somber Diana was on the phone ‘we didn’t get it’

" I knew we wouldn’t, what did it  go for?"

‘Yeah, we did!’ Diana couldn’t contain herself,’ there was one guy, I knew he really wanted it but we beat him! I’m so pleased, we’re really going to make a killing!(No pun intended). Jacalyn wasn’t sure that now was a good time to tell her, she didn’t think she could resell me.  ‘I don’t think I can, let me see her first. You can take the other three and sell them.’

‘Thanks for nothing,  all profit is in the Princess Diana.’

‘Let me look at her, then I’ll make a decision.’

Several days later, Diana, her husband Alistair, Jacalyn and her mother sat looking at me the  porcelain figurine on her mother’s coffee table.

‘I think you should keep her’ Alastair suggested.

‘You can’t keep her here,’ Jacalyn’s mother added firmly,’ there’s no room. We could put her in a cupboard’

‘you are not putting Princess Diana in a cupboard!’ But as, she looked round the apartment, Jacalyn had to admit that wasn’t an inch of space to put the some what large iconic figurine in a wedding gown.’

Diana narrowed eyes ‘well, what are you going to do?’

‘I’m going to take her where I know she’ll be appreciated, she’s coming back with me to the US’

How exactly she was going to get me there was another issue.

“wrap her up in plenty of bubble wrap, I’ll take her with me’

So they packed me in the centre of a suitcase surrounded by everything soft and spongey, in the other case, they packed all the shoes and boots.  When we arrived at the airport, we discovered that the case I was in was a good 10 lbs lighter than the case with the shoes.  So they opened both cases and started throwing all the shoes into my case.  Suddenly, I heard a scream ‘Diana!!!! No!!’  I was swiftly yanked out the case, ‘I’ll take her on the plane with me.’

So I was placed in the centre of a carry on bag and taken through customs.  Almost through, after the final x-ray, I was abruptly pulled to one side. Jacalyn started to panic as all the items were pulled one by one from the case and examined ‘what are you looking for?’, ‘liquids’ came the reply, although the inspector didn’t even raise his eyes, ‘there is no liquids in that!’ Jacalyn, yelled as the man picked me up and placed me in a tray;

‘There are no liquids in that bubble wrap! What are you doing? This is ridiculous!’

.’Treating this passenger as hostile!!!!’ called the customs agent to his superior.

‘I’ll give you bloody hostile! Treating me like a terrorist and pulling a porcelain figure to one side, telling me your looking for liquids.’

The superior approached and warned her if she didn’t calm down she might miss her plane, the man was only doing his job.

Apparently, at one stage in her life, Jacalyn was quite  a fine actress, so when all else fails, she turned on the waterworks and started to cry.  The superior began to placate her, ‘please calm down,(sobs) look you don’t have to cry, (heavy sobs) just stop,(more sobbing) can’t you stop? (desperate wail) O K, let me sort this out’  He disappeared for a moment and returned with the offending item.

‘It was this’ he showed her a can of hairspray. ‘this is why they pulled you over’

‘Thank you’ she sobbed ‘Does that mean I can go? And you can put everything back?’ her biggest fear, that I would be removed and damaged, seemed to be retreating.

I was stowed in a very roomy cupboard on the plane by a very sweet hostess, and I arrived in the U.S. as I left London.

And now I am home in Illinois with Danielle, where I will be loved and admired, looked at on Facebook whenever Danielle decides to put me up.

But definitely, no more journeys, thankfully.

Danielle's Turn

When Jacalyn told me about finding Diana at the Auction I was  very excited  since the idea was to orignally sell her to raise money for this website. I knew I would have to keep my distance and stick with the plan to sell her when she arrived in my home.  Then Jac told me  She wanted me to keep her my response was "Are you sure" ? " yes" she told me "I want you to have her ." Since then I knew that I was blessed with a special gift  from a very special friend.   So with that Diana is home and safe  and i am very lucky to be able to give her a permenant home.


Diana's dear friend Nelson Mandela has passed away this evening. This news comes as a shock tonight because Diana's Son William and Daughter In law are attending the Premier of the biographical film of Mandela's life The Long Walk to Freedom.  In 1997 Diana was invited to the home of president Mandela which would be the only public photo of her during her  final trip to South Africa that year.


In 2002 Mr Mandela  paid a visit to Althorp and laid a wreath at the grave site of his friend.

He also planted a oak tree in her memory there.


DL Member Beth with the tree Planted by President Nelson Mandela

DL Member Beth with the tree Planted by President Nelson Mandela

It is that time of year again and you wonder what to get that Royalty  fan in your life for Christmas.Since I have some family members who often find myself

hard to buy for I thought I would create a list of some items that would be a great ideas.Starting with our our favorite collectible company Hamilton Collections  they have really catered to the Royalty fans this year  with the release of their Diana and William Figurine Kate and George and Her Majesty in her Coronation Robes.







Ashton Drake has a baby Georgegeorgedoll

Ashton Drake also has The Queen for sale but because she is new she may not be available in time for the Holidays so here is a tip print out a photo of the doll paste it in a Christmas card and include a message that she is on her way.


The Danbury Mint also has their version of baby Cambridge


And High fashion Kate Doll



If Dolls are are not your person's thing you can also look for the Kate Middleton 2014  Calendar

Available From Amazon

Screenshot from 2013-11-27 11:11:15


Another great gift is a year Subscription of Royalty magazine for the US customers it is 70.00 for the year

royalty The Same  Price for Majesty Magazine as well

majestyRoyalty books are also great gift ideas here are some of the most sought after royalty related books.



Check Out Where's Olivia

kateKate Style is a good Choice for those who Follow her Fashion trends

kate2Kate : Future Queen By Katie Nichols

royalfamilyA book with Rare Royal photographs is always a treat.

Well there you go these are just a few ideas I am sure you can always find something that will make a awesome gift for that Royal fan in your life.

I want to wish all the Diana's legacy readers and Visitors  a Happy Thanksgiving

Remember Olivia, Diana's Fictional Daughter that made a appearance on the cover of Globe magazine


Those of who follow Diana 's Story and legend know that she didn't have a daughter .Olivia is a  fictional character made up by Author Nancy Ryan whose first book The Disappearance of Olivia sparked the Globe  story. Ryan's latest book Where's Olivia continues her story in palm beach Florida.

Mrs Ryan graciously sent me a copy of Where's Olivia to review and I will do so as soon as I finish reading it.

If you are interested in owning a copy use the link below.


stjamespalaceThe palace was commissioned by Henry VIII, on the site of a former leper hospital dedicated to Saint James the Less,[3] from which the palace and its nearby park retain their names; the hospital was disbanded in 1532.[4] The new palace, secondary in the king's interest to Henry's Whitehall Palace, was constructed between 1531 and 1536 in the red-brick Tudor style around four courtyards: its gatehouse (illustration) survives on the north side, flanked by polygonal turrets with mock battlements, fitted with Georgian sash windows.

Two of Henry VIII's children died there: Henry FitzRoy, 1st Duke of Richmond and Somerset and Mary I (Mary's heart and bowels were buried in the palace's Chapel Royal). Elizabeth I was said to have spent the night there while waiting for the Spanish Armada to sail up the channel. Charles I slept rather less soundly—as it was his final bed before his execution. Oliver Cromwell then took it over, and turned it into barracks during the English Commonwealth period. It was then restored by Charles II (the son of Charles I), who also laid out St James's Park. It became the principal residence of the monarch in London in 1698, during the reign of William III and Mary II after Whitehall Palace was destroyed by fire, and became the administrative centre of the monarchy, a role it retains.

The first three Georges used St James's Palace as their principal London residence even though it was far from grand for the city palace of a major European monarchy; Daniel Defoe called it "low and mean" in 1725. For most of the time of the personal union between Great Britain (later the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland) and the Electorate of Hanover (later Kingdom of Hanover) from 1714 until 1837 the ministers of the German Chancery were working in two small rooms within St James's Palace. In 1757, George II donated the Palace library to the British Museum;[5] this gift was the first part of what later became the Royal Collection.[6]

In 1809, a fire destroyed part of the palace, including the monarch's private apartments at the south east corner. These apartments were not replaced, leaving the Queen's Chapel in isolation, and Marlborough Road now runs between the two buildings. George III had purchased Buckingham House – the predecessor to Buckingham Palace – for his queen back in 1762, and St James's continued to decline in importance in the first half of the 19th century. It increasingly came to be used only for formal occasions such as official receptions, royal marriages, and christenings. Queen Victoria formalised the move in 1837, ending St James's status as the primary residence of the monarch. It was nevertheless where Victoria married her husband, Prince Albert, in 1840, and where, eighteen years later, Victoria and Albert's eldest child, Princess Victoria, married her husband, Prince Frederick of Prussia. Some structures and interiors by Sir Christopher Wren and William Kent survive, but most were remodelled in the nineteenth century. William Morris and his firm were commissioned to redecorate the Armoury and the Tapestry Room, 1866–67.[4]

On 12 June 1941, Representatives of the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, the Union of South Africa, and of the exiled governments of Belgium, Czechoslovakia, Greece, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, and Yugoslavia, as well as General de Gaulle of France, met and signed the Declaration of St James's Palace which was the first of six treaties signed that established the United Nations and compose the Charter of the United Nations.[7]Insidechapelroyal

Princess Diana's coffin was kept for a few days at the Chapel Royal at the Palace before being taken to Kensington Palace on the eve of her funeral at Westminster Abbey in September 1997. Only Close family members and friends wer allowed to pay respects o Diana while she was there, Since there were no camera's allowed in at that time to photograph Diana's laying in state. There was a Artist allowed inside to sketch this moment in history. So it is safe to say that Diana's Spirit was there as he fist grandchild was christened yesterday at the chapel. Perhaphs in some small way William once again wanted to include his mother in this important moment in his life.







Last night was the premiere of the Lifetime movie The House of Versace. The film is based on the life of Donatella Versace and her family after the death of Gianni Versace in 1997. I expected to see Diana make some sort of appearance but she was every where in this film it really makes you think about how much influnce she had on the brand at the time.Who knew at the time of her divorce that the Versace's  was really trying to help Diana break free of the royal restraints in her wardrobe. In this film she was mentioned at least seven times and shown on screen via real footage through out the film. . Many  would wonder why she was such a major influnce in this movie one reason is because she helped put VERSACE on the map,  she also was a friend of the family.The way Diana was put in this film was very tastful and there wasn't any cheesy actress portraying her.

::Photos from the Film::

Diana arriving for Gianni's FuneralDiana Sitting with Elton

Aunt Lucia  tells the family about Diana's Accident

Aunt Lucia tells the family about Diana's Accident

The Versace Family watches the news report on Diana 's accident

The Versace Family watches the news report on Diana 's accident

Diana appears in a news report about the rumors surrounding her death.

Diana appears in a news report about the rumors surrounding her death. Donatella gets upset because of the lies and accuses the press of killing her.

Donatello Sees Dianain the blue dress and remembers how Diana  said she loved the gown and how she just danced and danced in it.

Donatella sees Diana in the blue dress and remembers how Diana said she loved the gown and how she just danced and danced wearing it.

::A look at Diana's Versace Wardrobe::


These gowns are also made for Diana by Versace

there were made for foreign tours and private functions

they are currently on display in the Diana a Celebration exhibit



::Diana at Her Friend Gianni's Funeral::

This is the last time Diana ever wore  Versace a few months later we would lose Diana.

It was at Gianni's funeral that Diana and Elton John made up after a silly rift between them over the book

Rock and Royalty.

Diana was asked by Elton to write the Foreword to Gianni's book and when she found

out that it had featured nude photos  she refused to be a part of it.

This led to Diana and Elton not speaking for awhile.

Thank god they were able to make up before the tragic ending to Diana's life.

The last time Diana would wear VERSACE

The last time Diana would wear VERSACE


Diinchrch funerla3 Diandeltonversacefuneral inchrch2


Naomi Watts paid tribute to Diana by wearing Versace  to the Premier of her  movie DIANA


GiannI : The Legendary Designer

Gianni : The Legendary Designer


While looking for some photos of the gowns that will be featured on the figurines  I found some really pretty photos of the Queen.

QueenandMarilynHermajestyonherwedingdayqueenlookingat herweddinggown


Here are the names of the next gowns  that will appear on the Queen Elizabeth Figurines.

Queen Elizabeth A Royal Bride: This is suppose to be No 2 in the series.


No 3  is the Queen In Australia QueenAussie

No4 Queen Elizabeth II Meets The Kennedys


No5The Queen's Maple Leaf of Canada Dress


No6 The Queen's Night Out In New Zealand

queenoneshouldergown newzealanddress As soon  as I hear of any more I will update the list. So far this looks like it will be one beautiful series.

Dont miss out order your set today!


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