Jewels of the Spencers

Here is a look at some of the jewels of the Spencers. The most famous piece from the family collection is The Spencer tiara which Diana wore on her wedding day.But the other pieces in the collection are just as beautiful.

A cornet of silver gilt trimmed with ermine made by Sebastian Henry Garrad ,London for the Countess Spencer probably made to wear for the cornation of Edward VII. estm. 1901

Here is the Countess Spencer wearing the tiara

Spencer Tiara I
Made of silver and gold from several different english jewels in order to make a more extravagant display of diamonds . The work probably took place at the end of the 19th century , adaptionof valuable gem set jewerly is common pratice in family collections.
Bracelet I

3 rows of natural pearls with antique enamel and diamond clasp. With brillant and rose diamonds arranged as a monogram of MB it was probably once a necklace.
Tormanline Ring

Pink tourmaline and diamonds
The central cushion of pink tourmaline is surrounded by brillant diamonds in gold ad silver settings. Purchased by te 5th Earl Spencer from Hennell in 1864

Riviere Necklace

46 diamnods set in silver and gold , every diamond is detachable and a braclet can be made from aprt of it. Hanging from the necklace are 3 pearls in diamond mounts and drops froma pair of diamond earrings.
Diana was seen wering this necklace very early in her reign as Princess of Wales she is wearing in with one pearl drop.
Bracelet II

An antique diamond collet and tapered line bracelt presented by the ladies of Ireleand to Charlotte 5th Countess Spencer.
Emerald &Diamond Pendant Cross

Five emeralds and four pear shaped diamonds and four rose diamonds mounted and set in gold and silver.
Bracelet III

Antique diamond shamrock bracelet presented by Queen Alexandra
to Charlotte 5th, countess Spencer
Sapphire Brooch

Antique sapphire and Diamonds collet and scroll brooch The stones were set in the style of the 19th century by Henell in 1937.
Lonzenge Shaped Brooch

The stones are mounted in gold and set in silver.
Diamnod and Tourmaline Brooch

The centeral Cushion of pink tourmaline si surrounded by brilliant diamonds in gold and silver settings
purchased by the 5th Earl Spencer from Hennell in 1864

The Spencer Tiara II

The Spencer tiara is mounted in gold in the form of stylised flowers decorated in diamonds in silver settings. The tiara is entirely composite and not an heirloom as has been previously suggested.
The central element was a gift from Lady Sarah Spencer to Cynthia, Viscountess Althorpe as a wedding present in 1919. It was later remounted. Four other elements were made to match it in 1937. Only the two elements at the end are old and are said to have come from a tiara owned by Francis, Viscountess Montagu and left to Lady Sarah Spencer in 1875. It was worn by Lady Diana Spencer when she married the Prince of Wales in 1981 and was subsequently used by Victoria Lockwood when she married the 9th Earl in 1989.The tiara is now on display with the traveling Diana a Celebration exhibit.

Diana’s Wedding Earrings

They once belonged to Frances Shand Kydd – Diana’s mother who died in 2004. Each has a central pear-shaped diamond surrounded by almost 50 smaller diamonds.
Worn by Diana for her first official outing with Charles after the announcement of their engagement in 1981, the earrings were flown back from America, where they featured in the exhibition Diana: A Celebration. Diana’s sister Lady Sarah McCorquodale wore them to Diana’s son William’s Wedding on April 29th, 2011.

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