Charlotte The 5th Countess Spencer

Charlotte Frances Frederica Spencer VA (née Seymour) (28 September 1835–31 October 1903) was a daughter of Frederick Charles William Seymour (a son of Lord Hugh Seymour) and Lady Augusta Hervey (a daughter of the 1st Marquess of Bristol). On 8 July 1858, Charlotte married the 5th Earl Spencer and became Countess Spencer. Although from a Conservative background, she supported her husband during his political years
Charlotte showed herself to be  a natural Chatelaine of Althorp and Spencer house. Her charm and elegance , combined with her down to earth nature and her genuine love for her husband entranced the people of North hampton shire.
Charlotte spent most of the 1860’s and 170’s imposing her tastes on Althorp in doing this, she drew on her childhood experiences and detail that she had known growing up. making the Northamptonshire gardens mirror the sophistication and detail that she had known at her childhood home Ickworth .
her most important charitable efforts were in league with eleven other concerned ladies, each of them adopting and area of London’s east end and helping fight the fall out of the dire poverty. The largest part Charlotte gave in her latter years wasa ball supper in 1899. In the picture gallery at Althorp
when all the Marlborough silver was displayed. The papers that covered the event focused on the novelty of the use of electric lighting contrasting 2,000 lbs of candles used 120 lights. three hundred and fifty guest were invited to Althorp the house was covered with plants, flowers and evergreens from the gardens. Charlotte was in her middle ages by this time and still looked remarkable She danced to the music of the band called Mr Kinkees
Three years later in 1902Charlotte began to feel unwell for sometime was diagnosed as having cancer and was made to have  a operation without delay in Spencer house. in 1903 She was allowed to return to Spencer house . Over the next few months her convalence took place she made her daily walk from the manison down to the side of the Round Oval lake that she had created in the gardens, before sitting down quietly under the arch of the temple at the far end of the water enjoying the fresh air after her many weeks of being confined to her bed. in 1903 Charlotte passed away quietly in her sleeping from a bout peneumonia.

Note: The Round Oval is now Diana’s final resting place and the temple is now a memorial to her where her fans from around the world come to lay flowers.


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