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‘No-one has moved on’

Was interviewed on Wednesday on a local chat show ‘Turning point’ Becky Alfrey, interviewer was interested in the turning points of my life with ms.
Then I managed to promote the book ‘Royally Screwed’, I said the English aren’t interested in Diana anymore because they say they have moved on.
She told me ‘nobody has forgotten’ ‘No-one has moved on’, I hope not.
Diana should never be forgotten until she has justice.

British tabloid ‘Express’ es a great big NO to King Charles and Queen Camilla!

After months of putrid and pathetic articles in British newspapers, telling us how Camilla and Kate love each other, share beauty secrets and style choices (although why the beautiful and impossibly perfect Kate would want any beauty or style advice from
that baggage from the farmyard, I fail to understand).
‘The Daily Express’, one of Britain’s favorite newspapers, decided to finally ask what the people really think about Charles and Camilla’s future role. Shock horror, no one wanted them to take the throne. They asked people in Australia. Canada and Britain, and from all it was a resounding NO.
Which was of no surprise!
Who would anyone choose a lying pair of aging adulterers to a young beautiful couple who clearly love each other.
Finally, sense prevails.

Kate launches Probe into death of Princess Diana

This week’s front page article in the ‘Globe’ magazine has Kate started a new investigation into Princess Diana’s murder!
Nice story but, there is very little evidence that this is actually occurring. Look at the facts.
Is the perfect Kate likely to do anything quite so controversial? Unlikely.
Looking at the previous inquest will tell her nothing, The inquest was nothing but a sham so re investigating that complete mockery of justice will tell us nothing.
if anyone is going to reinvestigate the death of Diana it will be her sons, and it’s unlikely that anything will happen until after the Queen has died

The John Morgan book which they referred to in the article, is nothing short of excellent but it is not new. The Australian, John Morgan, spent six years: looking into the evidence and came to his conclusions because of facts that cannot be refuted

Personally, I am delighted that this magazine, still keeps Diana front and center of people’s thoughts and that is where she should remain until we find justice,

Royally Screwed is Now On Kindle

Good news today! My book Royally Screwed is now on Kindle and is free to Amazon Prime Members . If you are not a Prime member you can pick it up for $4.99.
Use this link to get your free copy of the book or if you Purchase it percentage goes to Diana’s Legacy towards the hosting cost of our website.

Once you read it please leave your review on amazon and let me know what you think of the book.

The Diana Exhibition at Kensington Palace

Too bad that she had to die before she found the respect that she soo deserved.
Kudos to Kensington Palace!. To open an exhibition this year with something for every one to go and see, Items of great interest for all Royal fanatics. Learn more about Queen Victoria who was born there and Princess Diana. who lived there.
I am reminded of something that David Starkey.. world famous British historian once said “Diana‘s death will put her firmly front and center back in to the Royal family where she will remain”.
Putting Princess Diana on a par with Queen Victoria’s is a testament to this.
Queen Victoria, the longest reigning British monarch thus far. greatly admired and respected, who gave Britain an empire where ‘the sun never set’ is part of an exhibition with a young woman whose life was remarkably short, who also left a mark on the world. For her beauty, style and her humanitarian work.
It is just sad that she had to die before she was recognized..

Why I believe it is important to Honor Diana’s Memory

To many of my fellow country men in Britain, I am weird, odd and a complete nut job because I still believe in honoring the memory of the late Princess Diana “We’ve moved on “they say., She’s dead “ .’We Mourned and held an inquest!’ ‘ What Is wrong with you that you still need to remember?’
I suppose I still need to remember because once in our life time a truly unique and inspiring human being comes along and gives more to the world than she get outs of it. She spent a great deal of her life over coming her own problems, Shyness, weight, and insecurity. Unwittingly her genuine feelings for the less fortunate gave her so much courage and nourished her spirit in such way she managed to over come her own problems. An inspiration to many , she revolutionised a thousand year old institution called the monarchy. and bravely took on those who were determined to undermine her every movement.

And when a human being enters the world’s consciousness then is removed from it in a violent and sudden way it is often difficult to come to terms with. But unlike many of my fellow British country men I personally believe she was a lady worth remembering and honoring.

It is always one generation’s gift to help educate and enlighten the next, For those of us who lived during the Diana era we can share and pass on her legacy and her work to the following generation . Today many young people email me and tell me I was not born until after she had passed on but thankyou for giving me an idea of who she was so that I too can experience the special magic that was Diana.


Last week that American rag, ‘The Globe’, released a story that Kate and William had undergone the stress and trauma of a first miscarriage of the Royal baby. Obviously a very sad, but somewhat common trauma, in most young married couples.Then tell me why oh why has there been Nothing, nada, zip about this in the British tabloids??? Don’t the people of Britain have a right to know?, I read it and I thought it very plausible. The statistics of women miscarrying their first foetus is terribly high and the strain that that young woman is under is massive.he palace wouldn’t want the Britiish people to know, because it would make them ‘human’
and not perfect super human beings which the palace spin doctors want you to believe they are .What old fashioned ridiculous ideology!They are super, both of them, just not super human. I think the public has a right to know, they are not washing dirty laundry in public, I am sure people would feel o.k., that’s life, it happens, just leave them both alone.But now, its all hush hush secrets and people are thinking ‘well? well? no news? what’s wrong with them? when there is NOTHING wrong or different about them at all.

I think its sad. Let me know what you think

Charles and Camilla – the end of the affair!!!

Shock! Horror! They are living separate lives, He in Clarence House and she in her little £850,000 pile called Raymill.
There is no longer any big excitement of carrying on an illicit affair.
Lying to friends and family, the sneaking around, the secrecy, the ganging up and plotting against their enemy, Diana.
Now they are an old boring married couple, and it is pure misery.
She wants to be with her grandchildren and of course they are far too loud and messy for him. Which is funny, since he has 125 servants who do nothing all day but pick up all the trash and mess he throws on the floor.
And just to irritate him further, she fell down a rabbit hole and broke her leg, so now it’s too tough for her to back him up at.
official engagements. How inconsiderate of that fluffy little rabbit to dig that hole and snag that witch. Oh give that rabbit a nice big carrot from me!.

Why should W.E. be Surprised

Why should we be surprised that Madonna makes a movie honoring a sex crazed, gold digging, power hungry woman, who saw herself as the future Queen of England. Her movie ‘W.E’ which pays homage to the late Duchess Of Windsor, and her lover, King Edward V111th, and asks her audience to believe in this great love story. In the book ‘Royally Screwed’, we look at the reality of this story. How this weak, ineffectual man held a dog eared devotion to his ‘mother mistress’ and how this relationship became nothing but a trap for her. How she took other lovers and became irritated with her husband’s obsession with his teddy bear. We compare the Duchess Of Windsor with the current Duchess Of Cornwall, the ex Mrs Parker Bowles, and how this woman also controls a weak, ineffectual Prince, and is another ‘mother mistress’ and yes he also loves his teddy. If we are not surprised at the connection Madonna feels to the late Duchess, we should not be surprised at the connection between Charles and his uncle Edward, and no less his scheming wife, who sees herself as the future Queen.


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