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New Doll From Ashton Drake: Kate and Baby George


Ashton Drake to make Pippa Doll

In today’s mail I recieved the flyer for the Ashton Drake’s version of thier Pippa Doll. The flyer appears to show the actual doll not a superimposed photo.The pricing for this doll is 149.99 plus 16.99 shipping. and the payments are five payments of $29.99.The doll is not on the website yet but if you call and order her you need ask for as Pippa Middleton  Royal Maid of Honor Doll.

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First look at Prince William Doll From Danbury Mint

Here is a  treat  a sneak peek at the Prince William Doll.  And Thank  you Danbury Mint For Including his Hat!

Danbury Mint adds Pippa to the Royal Wedding Series!

Great news for us doll collectors Now we can add  Pippa to the Royal wedding set by Danbury Mint. She is not due until the fall So there is plenty of time to save up the money to pay for her.

Note: Her face is superimposed this is a  artist rendering.

Danbury Mint has added to the Royal Wedding Series by adding Pippa in her Bridesmaid doll.


Pippa Middleton Bridesmaid Doll Item Number:                    2625-0019

A stunning portrait doll of Pippa Middleton as she appeared at the Royal Wedding on April 29, 2011. To capture that dazzling moment when she first appeared on the the world stage, our gifted artisans have lovingly sculpted the doll entirely of fine porcelain.  Her delicate facial features are skillfully painted by hand. The Pippa Middleton Bridesmaid Doll wears a masterfully detailed replica of the memorable maid of honor outfit custom-made for Pippa.  Just like the original dress that created such a sensation at Westminster Abbey, this hand-stitched, figure-flattering gown features a lovely cowl neckline and a row of buttons down the back.  Our expert seamstresses have even re-created the delicate lily of the valley hairpiece, which was designed to match her sister Kate’s wedding bouquet.  Sparkling teardrop faux-diamond earrings add the perfect finishing touch. Measures 16? in height (including the base). She will be priced at $159.00 with 4 payments of $42.00. She will be shipping in the fall possibly October.

Those of us who are still waiting for William to arrive i was told that he is due in  next week so keep watching for his arrival at my h0me.

Paradise Galleries Catherine Fashions Arrived

First of all I have to say I  really wasn’t expecting much with this set. Since this company focus’s mostly on thier pricing than the quality. But at least they did give us something new for the doll so they get points for that. Upon arrival the outfit were pacakaged in white envelopes sort of like the priortity mail envelopes. Each one has Catherine’s family crest on the front See below:


The first outfit I opened was the Wedding reception.
 Not too bad but  I did notice that the sweater will fall apart over the years if you continuely change the dolls fashions.

The shoes are better than the black ones that came with the Blue Issa dress.They used patent leather this time So they actually stay on the doll’s foot rather than just hang there. But they are sort of a pain to put on but they will fit. One tip: take the ring off before trying these fashions on the doll to save your self from snagging them.

Next one  was the Canada Day ensemble first thing I noticed was the hideous hat which is made out of resin… Really.



The dress is too small across the bustline.  Shoes fit fine, the one thing I did like  was the maple leaf brooch it can be used on the Fm Kate


The last one I was even afraid to look at it but it did not seem to be as bad as the Canada day.

 The lace could have been a tad bit darker for me.  Out of the 3 I think the Reception gown and this one are the better ones.  If you  are thinking of ordering I would just get those two and forget about the Canada day outfit.

My rating for this set is C: Cute idea but could have been done much better.


Dress up Kate book Arrives

This is a  adorable  sticker book each page has a drawing of Kate  and William and in  the back are 10 pages of removeable stickers. The stickers  include several of the Duchess’s outfits including the wedding gown, the yellow Jenny Packman dress and the lavendar  Alexandra McQueen gown. also included are pjs for the Duke and Duchess to relax in. really cute book for that little one in your life who loves all things Kate.


Paradise Galleries release Fashion Series

What a awesome dolly morning this is turning out to be  !  Paradise Galleries is listening to those of us who have been asking for a fashion series for one of our Kate dolls.   I woke up and found this in my mail box… to  order your set  go to thier website.

Kate In L.A. Outfit.

The Duchess in
Los Angeles 2011 Outfit by Natali Stern

This is the newest addition to our wardrobe for our Kate doll.It was made by Natali Stern and she sells on ebay.

Kate’s Christmas Coat& Hat by Bea

Kates Christmas Coat for 2011

This was one of my daughter’s birthday gifts  today.It was made by my friend Bea  of Bea Doll Boutique.


William and Catherine By Mattel Arrives

Today was  a good day William and Catherine By Mattel has arrived.

I haven’t bought Barbies in a long time  so  I was really pleased  with this set.

Catherine is beautiful and they even captured her dimples.

Kate’s Awards

Hat Person of the Year 2011
Harper's Bazaar U.K.'s Britain's Best Dressed 2011 list.
Vanity Fair's 72nd annual International Best-Dressed List. 2011
2011 Sugar Award for Most Stylish Celeb Bride
Best Overall Beauty;MSN 2011
Runner-up for Time Magazine’s Person of the year 2011
Best Mannered Person 2011 Us weekly
#11 On the Top 99 Women of 2012 By Ask Men
Vanity Fair International Best Dressed List 2012
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