A guide to Princess Diana&Catherine Dolls

Danbury Mint’s Tribute to Diana
In the 80s to commemerate the royal wedding the Danbury Mint created the Princess Diana Bride doll. She stood 18 inches tall  and the  train was 25 ft long, The Spencer tiara had a  1/4 diamond .  Shortly after wards they made Charles to go with her as well as a flower girl .  After her Death they released the same doll but this one was 16 inches tall and lacked the longer train and the diamonds.  This doll is clearly marked Commemorative edition.

The Danbury mint also released a series in 1987  called the Royal Wardrobe Series that came with a 16 inch vinyl Diana doll. Every two months you would recieved 2 outfits . The set consists of  27 outfits of Diana’s wore between 1981-1987. The Mint made 27 outfits but collectors only recieved 25 as they started to run out of stock they began to just send what ever they had on hand at the moment.  Each outfit came with a cllector card that had the info on the outfit and where Diana wore it.  The first vinyl Diana  that was released in this series was the pink satin gown , The set also included the red trunk to hold your collector cards and outfits and accessories.

In 1998  The company released a Comemorative set of this collection with the series only having 18 outfits this time around. The doll that came in this set wore a red gown with the Spencer tiara.  The outfits also came with collector cards but for storage it came with a riser stand that had a drawer in the back that held the cards.


2007: 2007 marked the ten year anniversary of Diana’s death. Danbury mint honored her by releasing a doll in the red Catherine Walker shift dress she wore on her final public apperance in 1997.
In 2009  they released another doll in her likeness  which was called Diana at Windsor  which paid tribute to Diana attending William’s confirmation.  She wore the blue boucle suit with the pill box hat and carried the white princess of Wales roses.


For Diana’s 50th birthday they released the Princess Diana toddler doll

which is suppose to represent Diana as a toddler and is currently still for sale


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