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These photos are of dolls that have been made over the years some of them which may be found on the secondary market. Some of these dolls were planned but then scrapped when the lawsuit between the Memorial fund and the Franklin made head lines.
:The House of Nisbet:
Peggy Nisbet Limited was founded, by the owner Peggy Nisbet, in Weston-Super-Mare, England. Peggy specialised in making dolls. Peggy Nisbet Dolls
(Info Found on The Hobby Files.com)
Peggy Nisbet Limited produced British costume dolls from 1953 to 1990. This was a small company founded by Peggy Nisbet and her aunt was based originally in her dining room in Weston-Super-Mare England. As demand grew outworkers were employed and then a factory was founded which was destroyed by fire in 1970 when new premises were obtained. The dolls were mainly 7 inch ceramic figures featuring British Kings and Queens and other historical characters. A wide range of materials were used – porcelain – plastic – vinyl – wax – bisque – styrene composition – wood. In 1953 permission was granted to produce a Queen Elizabeth II doll in her coronation robes. 250 ceramic dolls were manufactured in Stoke-on-Trent but painting and clothes were done by hand in Weston-Super-Mare. These were sold exclusively in Harrods London. From the late 1960’s onwards ballerinas and costume dolls were added to the range. Each doll was unique as all faces were always hand painted and mohair wigs were used. Peggy Nisbet was given the design of Princess Anne’s wedding gown in October 1973 and was able to produce Princess Anne dolls for sale in full wedding dress the day after her wedding. Other important dolls produced included eleven historical figures to celebrate the USA’s Bicentennial year in 1976. In 1977 – Queen Elizabeth II Silver Jubilee – new celebration Royalty designs were issued including dolls of Queen Elizabeth I and Queen Victoria – as limited editions of 500 each doll. These were numbered and signed by hand. In 1977 a range of Hollywood film stars were produced. The Nisbet companies own Silver Jubilee was celebrated in 1978 by issued of a doll of Peggy Nisbet which was also personally signed by Peggy. Many other dolls were issued up to closure and these as with all past dolls were completely produced by hand.

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Royal Britannia Collection
After the wedding in 1981 The Royal Britannia company produced the wedding doll set and then shortly after they made the second set in which Diana was wearing her Hachi gown.
In 1997 the rereleased the Diana doll in her wedding gown and this set is marked with the commorative seal on the front of the box,

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Kias Princess Series
From Dani: A wonderful lady who I purchase many of My Diana adverts from came across this one that showed some really nice Diana inspired dolls. The advertisement did not mention Diana but you can tell by looking at the outfits the doll is wearing. Some of them are really good interpretations of Diana’s clothes. The sad thing only one of these dolls were produced and it was the Sparkling Princess a interpretation of the “Elvis” gown Diana wore to Hong Kong. The dolls were to be 22 INCHES tall and ranged in price from $69.00 to 195.00 They were given names like Rosebud Princess, London Princess, Spring time Princess, Sunday Princess, Teatime Princess, Valentine Princess, Princess, Champagne Princess, Starlight Princess, Sparkling Princess, Golden Princess and Angel Princess. It is my guess that production on the dolls was stopped as soon as the Franklin Mint lawsuit started. Once the lawsuit was in full swing ,companies who were going to create dolls in Diana’s likeness became paranoid and changed thier minds. It looks like this series of dolls was one of it’s victims

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Madame Alexandra:Princess Diana Birthday Commemorative”#22500

In 1998,Madame Alexander Doll Company
issued a 10″ doll to commemorate the late
Princess Diana’s Birthday.
The doll is beautifully dressed in the Edelstein gown known
as the “Elysée gown” because
Diana wore this in 1988 to the Elysée Palace in France.
This clever little doll features replicas of Diana’s shoes!
The attention to detail is wonderful.

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Gwen Mcneil Diana Series by collectible concepts


These dolls were released on HSN on the one year anniversary of the Diana’s passing. The most popular ones that seem to show up on the secondary market are the green velvet gown and the pink fairytale gown. The other dolls in the series included the Divorce dress Diana, and the white pant suit Diana wore in Pakistian

Street Players Diana Doll:

This is probably one of the cheapest of the Diana doll that were made after her death. you could find her in the malls in little boutique shops as well as some of the doll shops online.  She is always available on ebay as well.

Diana By Sandra Bilotto

This is is prototype of a Diana doll that was never produced. She would have stood 18 inches with the doll stand. and would have been  poseable vinyl . She was to be priced at $225.00 this is a good likness of Diana. Sadly she became another victim of the fund lawsuit and was never made.

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  • Linnie Love says:

    I love reading all this, many thanks, I thought I had seen all the Gwen McNeill, as I had read of only 3, now I am curious as to the Pakistan pant suit, as it is lovely on her. My favourite is the Pink Fairytale, I find a miniature can’t really pull off the ‘revenge’ gown, there is not enough flow to bring it to life, also the green velvet gown I feel needs more ‘life’. Maybe it’s just missing the one who should be wearing them.

    The Kias gowns are very pretty, I agree with Catherine, they do not seem to be enjoying them.

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