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This section of the Royal Doll report is a place for all of our Doll friends to share thier dolls and stories we encourage every one to have fun with thier dolls and create stories to go with them. Send in your own doll story along with photos to be posted here to Dani @ navywife89@yahoo.com

The Princess and the President By Steven D. Cross
Oh MY! Diana ring’s Marilyn up and she is more than happy to have another Princess wearing her dress. Even having her sing Happy Birthday, Mr. President. But she warn’s her, that three is just something about him that will make you…well…loose composure. Diana assures her this is not going to happen. The rest is history folk’s! She presented him with a gift from Tiffany’s, she began to sing Happy Birthday and then…then it happened…she felt that chemistry.
1621812_735180519828103_1640125399_nShe was smitten, after the song she nearly forgot that they were in public!Diana excuses herself to go to the powder room. She ring’s Marilyn. Marilyn who has been swimming in her pool and having Pedro her pool boy serve her a “few” glasses of champagne answer’s. OH Marilyn…..what ever am I going to do, Diana ask’s? Bloody hell, what is going to happen with the press gets a hold of this and Jackie finds out?……Marilyn….with her little giggle says….silly girl….I took care of that for you. You did, responds Diana?…but how? Oh..sweety….I sent Jackie on a trip with Rose…ON THE TITANIC! OMG, Marilyn…you didn’t…tel me you didn’t…..wait….can she swim? Of course she can swim darling, say’s Marilyn….hell…it’s not like she doesn’t know her way in and out of a boat, if you know what I mean…hehehe. Marilyn…are you sure that Jackie is going to be ok? Yes, boo boo, I have a good friend of mine taking Jackie & Rose off of the Titanic onto their yacht, he has a friend named Onassis something or other that he want’s to introduce Jackie to. Oh…I hear he has more money than a printing press. a href=”http://dianaslegacy.com/Dollreport/wp-content/uploads/2014/02/1618475_735282233151265_949651012_n.jpg”>1618475_735282233151265_949651012_n

Ok, Marilyn….I am going to trust you on this one. Now I have to compose myself we are getting ready to do press shot’s. Well, sweetheart…say’s Marilyn. Just make sure you freshen yourself up real good and don’t get any spot’s on my dress, you hear?…I won’t Marilyn….thank you for being such a good friend. Of course, honey….we Princesses have to stick together. HA!
A Great Pic land’s on the Cover of the Enquirer the next day but only of her as a “guest” of the President….Whewww1779318_735291906483631_1313838611_n

she is so relieved!


The Diamond Hoarder By Dani Deininger
Millenium Diana was not happy since she has moved back in to her Curio Dani noticed while she was on the computer that Diana was mumbling something
” What is the matter Diana?” Dani Asked, M. Diana replied “My tennis bracelet has been missing since that rotten move.”
Dani thought for a moment and said let’s look in the jewel container for it So off they went and looked ” It isn’t here !” Diana shouted. “I am telling you Dani some one has it…”She said. “Well who on this earth would have stolen your bracelet, are you trying to tell me that one of the cats took off with it?” Dani asked. “Well no those little darlings do not mess with me.” It has to be another one of these ” Diana’s” in this curio.” so Dani looked at each one no one had a diamond bracelet on. “Well the only thing I can do is call our friend Steven and see if he has a extra Diamond bracelet from one of his dolls ” NO! ” this one was made specially for me and I have to have it back.” Diana said. Dani thought for a moment “Who gave you this bracelet Diana ? ” “I am not telling you because you will post it on that crazy place called Facebook.” “I would never do such a thing and you know it.” Dani replied. “Diana was in deep thought then said “It isnt important who gave it to me I just need it back .” Ok then I can go on EBAY look for one then.” Said Dani. Diana looked at her and Said “I don’t want a EBAY brand bracelet! Dani you have to look around for it please .” So off Dani went in the closet looking in the trunks no bracelet then she ventured down the basement and discovered a box filled with dolls. One on the top was Miss Granduer Diana saying “Help me out of this box Dani please ? “So Dani picked her up and was shocked at what she saw she had not one but two diamond tennis bracelets on . ” What are you doing with 2 tennis bracelets?” She asked.

“I found it in the curio when you used to let me live there instead of in this horrid box covered in paper.”She said snarkley.” Well you have alot of explaining to do because Millineum Diana is very upset because hers is missing.”Dani replied.” Well I found it in the curio how do we know it is hers ? “Well for starters it is too big on you that it dangles on your arm.” said Dani Diana didnt look at Dani and said “Maybe I like it lose fitting”. Dani laughed and said “Yeah right you are going to face the music you little diamond hoarder.” Once upstairs Dani got Millienium Diana out of the Curio and showed her that Mis Graaduer had her bracelet I KNEW IT! she shouted.” You can never trust a Vinyl they are very sneaky I have heard horor stories of people ripping off the Porcelain ladies like my self just so they can adorn the vinyls in our exquisite jewels.”


Granduer Diana Snickered ” well we have to get our jewels some where.” . “Ok ladies it is time to get the diamonds back to the right gal, hand them over.” Said Dani I am not giving mine up yelled Kate from the other shelf in the living room”. Dani looked up at her and asked where did you get that ? Granduer Diana gave me hers if I kept quiet about her taking the bigger one. “Besides I just recieved a new outfit from Miss BEA and I need some bling.”Said Kate.


Dani sighed and said ok “Miss Grandure hand it over lets get this settled” the braclets were handed over and Dani gave Millenium Diana hers back and placed her back in the Curio. As she closed the door Granduer Diana said “I am NOT going back in that box Dani! ” Ok it will be a tight squeeze replied Dani. “I dont care I refuse to be packed away another moment . Kate went back to her display box and Granduer Diana squeezed in next her Harry and Queen of Fashion Diana and all was quiet again .

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