A guide to Princess Diana&Catherine Dolls

Welcome to Our Paper Doll section all of these sets have been donated by our members to help build a database  and record of all the Diana paper dolls that are available.

Pat Frey Paper dolls. This is one of the biggest sets on Diana that we know of.

Pat Frey Paper Dolls 1983 set

Tom Tienery’s Set of Prince Charles and Diana

Diana Paper Doll book of Fashion By Clarissa Harlow

Charles and Diana By Tonuzi and Dugan

Famous Women Paper Doll series: Diana


Princess’s of Wales paper Doll Set:



Blue Diana Fashion Paper Dolls

Red Diana Fashion Paper Dolls

Pink  Diana Fashion Paper Dolls


Diana 1986 by Tenuzi&Dugan

Diana 1987 by Tenuzi&Dugan

Diana 1988 by Tenuzi&Dugan

Diana Auction Gowns by Tom Tienery


Royal Family Coloring Paper Dolls : Diana

Royal Romance Set from 1983

Online Paper Dolls : Diana

Royal Wedding paper doll: Diana

Souvenir Set


Sandra VanderPool set

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