A guide to Princess Diana&Catherine Dolls

How did you get interested in sewing?  Especially for dolls?

I have sewn for over 40 years – all it took was a sewing class in jr. high and I was hooked.  My mother always sewed so I guess I got my love of sewing from her.  I have sewn just about everything you can think of from baby clothes to people clothes.  In 1996 I found the Internet & wondered if My childhood barbie dolls were of any value – to make a long story short I found costuming dolls and collectors and have been sewing for dolls for over 15 years now.  I love being able to costume dolls in fashions that I myself might never get to wear. I enjoy using expensive fabrics and creating -its all about the fashions I can create for collectors to enjoy.


What about Diana made you a fan?

I did not know anything about Diana when I was first asked to make one of her fashions – the very first fashion I was asked to make was her Klondike gown and her wedding gown – period and wedding gowns are my specialty.

It was in the late 1990’s that I started sewing for the vinyl Franklin Mint Diana – many fashions were to follow after my first two.  I collected books with her fashions – I learned what a caring kind and down to earth person she truly was.


What drove you to create the reproduction clothing for the Princess Diana dolls / and now the Duchess Catherine dolls?

Answered part of this above….

I have been asked by some of my Diana customers to costume the Catherine Doll – so I am just starting out with her.


I am aware that at one point in time there was a gal who made fabric to match many of Princess Diana’s actual dresses but to the scale of the doll….. how do you find the fabrics you need for these reproduction outfits you make – no need to give away any secrets – just a general reply.  What & how do you search for the fabrics?

I am always shopping for fabrics and I have a list of fabrics to find some I seem to never find… so it’s not easy to find fabrics that work for all her fashions.


What keeps you creating the outfits for these dolls?

I keep creating the outfits because I can’t imagine not doing it .. I hope people continue to collect and enjoy them.


What would be the ultimate Diana doll outfit for you to create?  Or if you have already created it – what outfit was it?

I would have to say after seeing some of her gowns in person in 2007 in Florida I would say I’d love to create lot 46 if I could find exactly the same lace as was used in her gown.

I would love to create lot 7, 8, 47 if I could find perfect fabrics for those.


Contact Information for Alana Bennet:

Alana Bennett – E-Mail:  <alanab53@gmail.com>

Website addresses:        http://dianacollecting.wordpress.com/category/dolls/  –  http://dollfashionsbyalana.com/

Diana Auction Gowns – All Gown and Detail Photography by Stephen Hayward

Pictures of Alana’s reproduction outfits by Alana Bennett,

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