A guide to Princess Diana&Catherine Dolls

How did you get interested in sewing?  Especially for dolls?

1) The passion of the sewing came from my mother who taught it to me, but I never practiced sewing until the 2003-2004 when I begin to collect the dolls made in Princess Diana’s image. I had to look hard for the dolls and obtaining them was a true passion. Creating dresses for a person is much easier than to do the same for a small doll’s dress. I enjoy re-creating the dresses that Diana has wore, but I also create hundreds of dresses for this doll also. (Mariana shared on the fb page “Princess Diana & Princess Kate Doll Collectors” that Franklin Mint would not sell dolls outside of the United States of America – all the dolls she collected she purchased from eBay sellers.)

What about Diana made you a fan?

2) I am an admirer of the princess Diana: for all that she did for others, for all that she accomplished as woman, the mother that she was, and how she was as a royal princess.

What drove you to create the reproduction clothing for the Princess Diana dolls / and now the Duchess Catherine dolls?

3) It is just the passion, the pleasure, to succeed that is involved in doing these wonderful dresses that Diana wore. Her gowns, dresses, suits, are such unique dresses… The dresses I create for Catherine are different – she lives in another era: for some hundreds of dollars one can have a dress of princess – Diana’s dresses were more complex.

I am aware that at one point in time there was a gal who made fabric to match many of Princess Diana’s actual dresses but to the scale of the doll but she no longer does that….. how do you find the fabrics you need for these reproduction outfits you make – no need to give away any secrets – just a general reply.  What & how do you search for the fabrics?

4) Hmmmm, for fabrics: I always search eBay! The only place I can find the variety I am looking for. But it is necessary to spend hours of research finding the right fabrics, (once received fabrics, often the color does not correspond well, or it is too large a pattern or too thick a fabric for a small dress… then it is necessary to look for another fabrics), it takes money and a good dose of patience. I have an impressive collection of fabrics, laces, pearls… along with the fabrics I need.

What keeps you creating the outfits for these dolls?

5) I continue to make the dresses because it is a passion that I cannot put aside and forget about it (I would want to complete my collection of the dresses sold with Christie’s).

What would be the ultimate Diana doll outfit for you to create?  Or if you have already created it – what outfit was it?

6) Right now I am in the process of preparing the materials & needed accessories necessary to prepare the lots 72 and 9.  The last dresses that I have completed are…..lot 48 and 26 of the Christie’s catalog.

I have in my collection on Diana more than 200 dolls, numerous pictures of the Princess Diana, more than 500 books, thousands of photos, of postal stamps, PC, TC, envelop, revue, magazines, clipping, drawings, plates, jewels, DVD, K7 video.

My passion as included 15 years of research, only 3 days of vacation in London (May 2002),  where I had the pleasure to visit the palace of Kensington and to admire a magnificent exhibition of the dresses of the Diana.

The photos attached are copies of pages from a magazine where my dolls were featured

Pardon for my English and of time my frankness.

For any other reasoning …with pleasure,

Mariana Magnin

If you are interested in seeing what Mariana has created please check out her contact information:

Website http://mariana1950.skyrock.com/ where she has numerous pictures of her Franklin Mint Diana Doll creations.  You can find the easy link to the right side of our page under the title “The Studio”.

You can also find Mariana on facebook https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1499536960.

Mariana’s E-Mail address: Email:parfene.maria@wanadoo.fr

Let us know if you enjoyed learning more about this doll seamstress.  We have more to come also…


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One Response to The Studio – Interview with Mariana Magnin – our French Designer

  • Catherine Ford-Barbiero says:

    I have purchased two of Mariana’s dresses from her – one is a one shouldered gown in red (an original gown for the Princess Diana doll) and the long-sleeved red gown with tie belt that Duchess Kate wore last December…. both are beautiful dresses! She takes commission work on dresses that she has made…. she does wonderful work! I highly recommend her.

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