A guide to Princess Diana&Catherine Dolls

Credit:   Thanks to a tip from Valerie of the Princess Diana Designer doll group




A beautiful hand-crafted porcelain doll collection inspired by the world’s best loved royal brides and their stunning wedding gowns. THE  Follwoing brides are: PRINCESS MAXIMA,  CATHERINE THE DUCHESS OF CAMBRIDGE,  PRINCESS ,MARGARET ROSE AND  PRINCESS GRACE KELLY. Princess Diana , Queen Rania of Jordan, Queen Elizabeth. adwithnames

They featured sparkling Tiara or Headdress. Exquisite Detailing. Delicate Bouquets. Intricate embroidery. Each doll wears an exquisite hand-finished wedding gown and veil with stunning embroidery and lace detail. The dolls in this collection are all 7 1/2 tall.


Released by De Agostini “The Royal Brides Doll Collection” was set to be a series comprising of 100, 7 1/2inch  porcelain dolls each dressed as a royal bride from history, with it’s accompanying magazine costing $11.00 per issue. Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge came first with issue one, followed by Princess Grace of Monaco, and Princess Diana came with issue number three.




If you subscribed to the magazine you received a specially commissioned Duchess of Cambridge doll, dressed in the in the stunning gown she wore on the evening of her wedding to Prince William.





You would also receive some free gifts for subscribing to the collection, these included a free binder to keep your magazines in, issue three of the magazine featuring Princess Diana, and six metal doll display stands, so you could display your dolls.Freegifts

These dolls are discontiuned at the moment but the company is in the progress of reissuing them again at a later date. Starting with  NO 1  which is Duchess Catherine.  Currently you may find them Ebay for a fairly reasonable price. be aware the magazines are  harder to find right now.

Here is a look at some of the dolls that I have been able to find photos of around the web.


Catherine Duchess of Cambridge



Diana, Princess of Wales




graceoncard                                                                                                        Princess Grace of Monaco









Princess Margaret

So far I have only been able to locate actual photos of  Catherine, Diana, Margaret and  Maxima online. Hopefully when they reissue the dolls Queen Elizabeth and Rania will be available.

Royalbridescollection                                                        So there you are now happy hunting may the best doll collector win!

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