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From Januray 1998 Dolls Magazine From Dani’s Private Collection


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Reposting this to The Royal Doll Report page…….

Hello –

I am Catherine – Dani just introduced me on her website today – and I give her a big Thanks for allowing me to contribute here.  She recently posted… Continue reading

Below is the first article from me that Dani posted on her website – I decided it should also be placed in The Royal Doll Report that Dani has created for me to report any news on the dolls we… Continue reading

In this video clip we see a Diana doll by the Franklin Mint being made.It comes fom the program Diana the Queen of Hearts which was beautifully done by her friend Sir Richard Attenbourgh.

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Most of the photos on this website came from the personal collection of Dani Deininger who has purchased a majority of them through ebay auctions over the last three years . A majority of the Franklin Mint Doll ads were given to her by Jody Brittian. Some of them may have come from the web in the form of web searches . The actual photos of some of the dolls are also Dani's unless other wise noted.
This website was built for the Princess Diana and Princess Kate Collectors Members .

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