This critically acclaimed dramatization tells the real story behind the breakup of Princess Diana’s marriage, and is based on Andrew Morton’s bestselling expose of the same name. Beginning with the shy young Di’s marriage to Prince Charles (David Threlfall), the film traces her transformation into a public icon, a darling of the media and the outspoken advocate of many charitable causes. But the fairy tale was not what it seemed, as Diana’s loveless marriage isolated her in loneliness, initiating her struggles with bulimia and suicide. Her courage to seek out a new life for herself brings an inspiring aspect to this tragic tale. Serena Scott Thomas shines in the role of Princess Diana, and the grandeur of the film lends it the ring of authenticity, as well as making it a pleasure to behold.


Movie Details:
Actress who Played Diana: Serena Scott Thomas
Air Date:4 April 1993
Availibilty: DVD and VHS

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