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New addition to my Collection: Pink Ribbons Crusade Precious Moments Figurine

I have been trying to get a copy of this figurine for years I lucked out last week and finally won one.
Imagine my surprise when I looked on the bottom and seen that it is signed . The signature on the bottom belongs to Darren McGrady … a.k.a. “The Royal Chef”.  His website is   Darren is one of the two Vice
Presidents on the Pink Ribbons Board of Directors.  He was a chef to Queen Elizabeth II for eleven years … and Diana’s personal chef for the last five years of her life … from the time of her separation from Prince Charles (in
late 1992) until that fateful night in Paris.  Darren is now a private chef and continues Diana’s work through his
charitable involvement (via his cookbook and DVD and his speaking/cooking class engagements.)*Confirmed for me by Caroline Davenport a Volunteer for  The Pink Ribbons Crusade.  The figurine is wearing a   a copy of Diana’s gown  which is now own by Suzanne King Founder of the Pink Ribbon’s Crusade . This is a Chapel exclusive piece  made just for the event A Date With Diana.


Info Card


Chef Darren McGrady Signature

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