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Diana Bride Figurine From Hamilton Collections arrives

She has finally arrived, the Diana Bride figurine.I noticed that the flowers are missing the yellow roses. But other than that she is pretty , her tiara hasa touch of glitter on it and she does wear the saphire ring.  Now the series is complete.


Dolly Time : The Three Royal Brides

Today I took some time and worked on one of my older dolls  The  Sarah Fergsuon Royal wedding doll.

Since I moved here poor Sarah has been some what negelcted and I just thought it was time to bring her out in to the light and  see what she looks like displayed with the new Catherine doll . First thing I did was wash her veil  with lemon juice and baking soda and some warm water. I filled the sink up with warm water and then put 1/4 cup of lemon jucie in to it then add 1 cup of baking soda then I  laid  a towel down on the counter next to the sink and placed the doll on it wth the veil hanging in to the sink.   then I just sort of washed it like I was hand washing a delicate item.   Once I got it to where the veil looked brigther and white again I drained the water and then rinsed it with warm water then gently pressed the veil together to “wring” it I didn’t want to twist it because the material is very old and I  didn’t want to risk it tearing.  Then I took my hairdryer and put it on warm and just moved it along the length of the veil until it was dry. The next thing to do was the gown, I had to take the gown off the doll and I used my iron on steam to release the wrinkles. I had to be carful because of the hand beading and sequins on the gown. I also lowered the temp. of the iron and gave the underskirt and good burst of steam to sort of make it lay flat so the gown would hang right on the doll.   After it was all done I was really proud of how she came out after her make over. Danbury mint has changed alot since they made The Sarah doll and thier Diana doll So I wasn’t sure how she would really look with Catherine . I think she looks  darling with Diana and Catherine and  together they make a beautful display.I chose to display her with the Franklin Mint Diana instead of the Danbury Mint because this is one of my favorite dolls.  I am sure Sarah is happy to be among the family again.

New addition to my Collection: Pink Ribbons Crusade Precious Moments Figurine

I have been trying to get a copy of this figurine for years I lucked out last week and finally won one.
Imagine my surprise when I looked on the bottom and seen that it is signed . The signature on the bottom belongs to Darren McGrady … a.k.a. “The Royal Chef”.  His website is   Darren is one of the two Vice
Presidents on the Pink Ribbons Board of Directors.  He was a chef to Queen Elizabeth II for eleven years … and Diana’s personal chef for the last five years of her life … from the time of her separation from Prince Charles (in
late 1992) until that fateful night in Paris.  Darren is now a private chef and continues Diana’s work through his
charitable involvement (via his cookbook and DVD and his speaking/cooking class engagements.)*Confirmed for me by Caroline Davenport a Volunteer for  The Pink Ribbons Crusade.  The figurine is wearing a   a copy of Diana’s gown  which is now own by Suzanne King Founder of the Pink Ribbon’s Crusade . This is a Chapel exclusive piece  made just for the event A Date With Diana.


Info Card


Chef Darren McGrady Signature

Hamilton Collections Diana Bride Figurine

This is part of the Princess of our Hearts Series  and is a Limited Edition

Princess Of Our Hearts Figurine

Limited edition. Exquisitely detailed handcrafted,
hand-painted bride figurine honors the 30th anniversary of Princess Diana’s

Measures 7-1/2″ H

From The Hamilton Collection

$39.99 US
$7.99 US
 I am not real sure why those of us who collected the entire Princess of Our Hearts Series were not notified about this figurine. I can only assume it is the fact that they are  making a Catherine  Bride Figurine as well So they came up with the idea to give us Diana as  a bride too.   I have ordered mine and will post photos when she arrives which I dont expect  see til  after the new year.  

To order yours click here

Special Diana Gifts From a Dear Friend

Last week I went to Tennesse to see a dear friends of mine this was our first face to face meeting after talking daily on the phone for 10 years. Like me she collects Diana dolls and other things and I was helping her go through some of the things she wanted to go through. She gave me some special gifts one of them is this beautiful 28 inch Diana Doll by Gwen Mcneil. She is part of the Queen of Heart series. She is wearing the Zondra Rhodes gown Diana wore to Japan. Leslie made her a ring and a bouquet of flowers and a pearl necklace . She looks very much like a young Diana

She also gave me a Diana figurine by Heaven Sent she is wearing the Victor Edelstein gown that Diana wore to the White House . She needed a little touch up on the face so Leslie repainted her face and she came out beautiful.

These are some special pieces in my collection and i was so glad to be able to spend some time  with my dear friend.

Danbury Mint UK to release a new Plate series

This series of plates is dedicated to celebrating the  50th birthday of Diana.  No word yet on whether we will see these on the Danbury Mint US  site. More info on that coming soon. 

Royal Brides Sketches From 1840 to 1981 Majesty Special

I have seen this special edition of Majesty around Ebay for a few years and I have always wanted to own one just to frame the beautiful prints. I have scanned them all and sort of fixed the colors with PSP . These prints are really beautiful and would be a wonderful addition to any  Royal collection. Each sketch has wonderful information on the back about each dress and traditions that were followed. On the back cover is Diana’s bridesmaids in their dresses as well. My favorites of these is of course Diana, Queen Mary  comes in  second  and Princess Alexandra. So glad to have these in my collection.  

Click on the image to see the full size image.

The Royal Wedding Geri Style

Geri has been hard at work doing some really cool ACEOS of the Royal Wedding. She has done a card of William and Catherine and a 8×10 of  “The Kiss” . She also went one step further and created a Fashion sketch of Catherine in her wedding gown. Most recently she has released her print of Prince Harry in Uniform. I am just loving Geri’s art work and really need to make it to the hobby store to get another frame for them all.

Diana Spencer School Girl

This is the most adorable Diana print to date from Geri. it is currently up on ebay now. I expect this one to go pretty high.

Diana: Royal Beauty

Geri has just released her latest Diana sketch titled Royal Beauty. She is currently listed on Ebay. If you want to include this beautiful sketch of Diana besure to stop by and place your bid.